Comprehensive Plan Maps

Figure 1.1 Visioning Areas

Figure 2.3 Town of Greenburgh

Figure 3.2 Green Infrastructure Highlights

Figure 4.1 Healthcare Facilities

Figure 5.1 Historic Resources Art Facilities

Figure 6.1 Topography

Figure 6.2 Elevations Above 400′

Figure 6.3 General Soils

Figure 6.4 Aquifers

Figure 6.5 Watercourses and Waterbodies

Figure 6.6 FEMA Flood Zones, Major Flood Clusters, and Wetlands

Figure 7.1 Parks, Special Districts and Miscellaneous

Figure 7.2 Existing Trail Network

Figure 7.3 Potential Trail Network

Figure 7.4 Open Space (Protected)

Figure 7.5 Regional Open Space

Figure 8.1 Water Supply Districts

Figure 8.3 GCWD-1 Infrastructure

Figure 8.4 Existing Water Line Locations

Figure 8.5 Existing Sanitary Sewer Districts

Figure 8.6 Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure and Sewer-shed

Figure 8.7 Existing Sewer Line Locations

Figure 8.8 Regional Watershed Patterns

Figure 8.9 Unincorporated Greenburgh Fire Districts

Figure 8.10 Town of Greenburgh Municipal Buildings/Sites

Figure 8.11 School Districts

Figure 9.1 Sidewalk Network

Figure 9.2 Bike Routes

Figure 9.3 Train Station Offsets

Figure 9.4 Public Transportation

Figure 9.5 Airports

Figure 9.6 Major Truck Routes

Figure 9.7 Road Classification

Figure 9.8 AADT Volumes

Figure 9.9 Vehicular Peak Time Congestion Areas

Figure 9.10 Potential Rt 9A Bypass

Figure 10.1 Census Tracts

Figure 10.2 Agency Group Homes

Figure 11.2 Commercial -Office -Industrial Uses

Figure 12.1 Zoning Map

Figure 12.2 Existing Zoning District Grouping

Figure 12.3.1 Existing Land Use

Figure 12.3.2 Future Land Use

Figure 12.4.1 Existing Zoning District (One-family)

Figure 12.4.2 Future Land Use (One-Family)

Figure 12.5.1 Existing Zoning District (Multi-family)

Figure 12.6.1 Existing-Future Zoning Districts (PUD)

Figure 12.7.1 Existing Zoning District (Office-Commercial)

Figure 12.7.2 Future Land Use (Office-Commercial)

Figure 12.8 Existing-Future Land Use (Schools)

Figure 12.9 Existing-Future Land Use (Government)

Figure 12.10.1 Existing Zoning District (Industrial)

Figure 12.10.2 Future Land Use (Industrial)

Figure 12.11 Future Land Use (Public Parks)

Figure 12.12 Future Land Use (Private Recreation)

Figure 12.13 Future Land Use (Research and Development Cluster)

Figure 12.14 Future Land Use (Cemetery, Public Utility, Highways)

Figure 12.15.1 Existing Zoning District (Urban Renewal)

Figure 12.15.2 Future Land Use (Urban Renewal)

Figure 12.16 Future Land Use Overlay

Figure 12.18 Targeted Public – Private Partnership Areas




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