After years of preparation of the Plan and extensive opportunity for public input, the Town Board closed the public hearing on the draft Comprehensive Plan on Thursday August 4, 2016 and held the written record open until Monday, September 19, 2016. Final comments were received and incorporated into the current draft, dated September 20, 2016. Supporting SEQRA updates are available in the “SEQR Documents” tab. The Comprehensive Plan and environmental review is scheduled to be discussed at the work session of the Town Board on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 9:45am. A resolution for the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan is on the agenda of the regular meeting of the Town Board to be held, Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 7:30pm.

For further information on the Town of Greenburgh Comprehensive Plan, please contact:

Garrett Duquesne, AICP, Commissioner, Community Development and Conservation

914-989-1532 (direct) or planzone@greenburghny.com.

Town Board

Paul Feiner, Town Supervisor
Ken Jones, Town Councilman
Diana Juettner, Town Councilwoman
Kevin Morgan, Town Councilman
Francis Sheehan, Town Councilman

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

Francis Sheehan, Town Councilman and CPSC Chair
Fran McLaughlin, Planning Board Chair and CPSC Vice Chair
Madelon O’Shea, Historic and Landmark Preservation Board Chair
Ella Preiser, Community Representative
Walter Simon, Planning Board Member
Theresa Mae Tori, Conservation Advisory Council Chair
Lou Klein, Commercial Real Estate Liaison

Garrett Duquesne, AICP, Commissioner, Community Development and Conservation

Viola Taliaferrow, Residential Real Estate Liaison

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